Peak Military Care Network: Connecting people to resources


This blog is a way for PMCN and our 30+ partner agencies to connect with service members, veterans and their families. Stay tuned for monthly posts!

Who is PMCN?:

The Peak Military Care Network is a nonprofit organization in Colorado Springs and our main mission is to connect military service members, veterans and their families to the highest quality resources provided by our trusted community partners.

PMCN recognizes that needs and services can overlap, so we have developed a service framework that takes a holistic approach to understanding and meeting the needs of our military and veteran community. That is where our partner agencies come into play. Our 38 partner agencies consist of, but are not limited to, these services:


What does PMCN do?:

A Central Source for Trusted Information:

PMCN connects people to information and resources in a variety of ways, including our Network of Care website, a comprehensive, centralized source for local information and resources, providing a broad range of services and information in one easy-to-use location.

Our Network of Care includes an extensive web-based resource directory of all local services for:

  • Veterans
  • Active duty personnel
  • Guard and Reserve members
  • Military & veteran family members

The site links to key services available at local military installations, as well as extensive federal (including VA) and state resources. The website also includes:

  • Employment resources
  • Health information
  • Military and veteran news

Network of Care provides safe and secure storage of electronic records, such as:

  • DD214
  • School transcripts
  • Health information for yourself or someone you care for


PMCN has personal navigators to help service members, veterans and family members connect with specific resources from the community. These navigators will assist you every step of the way and will follow up with you to continue ongoing navigation.



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