Veteran in Charge: The Independence Center

IC LogoMany Veterans are faced with challenges from declining health, disability, rising costs of care and increasing limitations to living independently within their homes and communities. The great news for Veterans residing in Elbert, El Paso, Park, and Teller Counties is the resource available to them:  the Veteran in Charge (VIC) program. VIC is a partnership between The Independence Center (IC) and th e Veterans Administration. VIC is a veteran-directed home & community based services program that allows Veterans the flexibility to direct services they need to remain independent and thrive in their communities. VIC engages Veterans of all ages.

Over the past year, VIC has successfully enrolled 42 veterans into the program. The impact is that Veterans are remaining in their homes and staying out of skilled nursing facilities. They are reengaging with their communities through a wide range of activities. They are purchasing necessary equipment for home modifications in support of independence and safety. Veterans and their families are pleased to have the resources and supports to live life on their terms. For more information, call 719-471-8181, and ask for VIC.

The Independence Center is a local nonprofit organization that provides traditional and self-directed home health care, independent living, and advocacy services for people with disabilities which range from peer support, skills classes, and employment assistance to individual and systems advocacy. The IC’s mission is to work with people with disabilities, their families, and the community to create independence so all may thrive.

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