The Network of Care

network-of-careDo you have questions about employment, education, social services, physical and mental health, and other topics? Visit the Network of Care, our comprehensive resource and referral directory, library and assistive devices marketplace and the answers are a mouse-click away.

This website can help military service members, veterans and their families access resources from the community and act as a secure folder for your personal records.

Service Directory

pmcn-contactSearch your area’s comprehensive directory to find services for veterans; service members; family members; active-duty personnel; reservists, and more in the Network of Care’s service directory. Search a keyword or specific organization to learn about how they can assist you and how to contact them.
If you have any trouble navigating the directory, fill out the contact form and the Peak Military Care Network will contact you for personal assistance.

Personal Records Folder

Use the Personal Health Record (PHR) to organize and store important medical and healthcare-related information. Create folders for yourself, family members, or others you care for. The information placed here is stored on a secure, Verisign-encrypted server, the same type of security used in online banking. Unlike the medical files you may keep at home, your Network of Care PHR is available whenever and wherever you need it.

If you choose to, you can grant access to your PHR to others, such as a physician, lawyer, family member, trusted caregiver or friend. You decide what information to share, and for how long.

This secured environment is also the gateway to other secure Network of Care (NOC) resources. To ensure your privacy, this is where articles and service links you collect on the NOC are stored. Personal messages are also viewed here, such as correspondence from a healthcare provider, email from a private NOC support group, or notices about bills you’re tracking through the Legislature.

To access these and other features, you need a Network of Care account. An email address is all that’s required. To set up your account, please click the “New User” tab above.

Community Calendar

PMCN regularly updates the community calendar on the Network of Care, so be sure to check it for community events! Job fairs, resource fairs and other resourceful events that are targeted for military service members, veterans and their families.


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