Phoenix Multisport- COS

Phoenix Multisport is a sober active community that fosters a supportive environment for people in recovery, or those who choose to live a sober lifestyle. The only requirement to attend an event is 48 hours clean and sober. If an individual wishes to attend events on a regular basis, we also ask that they have a commitment to a sober lifestyle. After that, our events are free to anyone who meets these requirements. We also ask that people sign a team member agreement which includes being safe and supportive, and leaving a positive impact. We are not an alternative system of recovery, so we ask that whatever individuals are doing to get sober or stay sober, be continued, with Phoenix Multisport just adding to that piece.

PhoenixThe two main groups that we serve within the military in Colorado Springs are veterans, who come to us through the VA substance abuse program (SAP), and active duty personnel in the addiction medicine intensive outpatient (AMIOP) program at Fort Carson military base. These two groups are reached through regular outreach meetings with an employee of Phoenix Multisport. The outreach consists of a video or documentary telling how Phoenix Multisport came into existence, the culture and community that it supports, and what to expect when coming to an event. The employee then gives a small talk about their problems with addiction, how these were overcome, and what part Phoenix Multisport played and still plays in their recovery. Current monthly calendars with all the events are also shared with the class.

Our events currently include strength training, yoga, boxing, climbing, running, and soon mountain biking will also be included again. We try to stress our understanding with the stigmas associated with addiction, and to show that a happy and healthy lifestyle can still be possible, without alcohol or drugs. Not only that, but we welcome people of diverse backgrounds into our community, and try to be inclusive. Many of our members are former military, or still serve, and we thank them for that service.

Contributed by John Schneider, Colorado Springs Instructor, Phoenix Multisport


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