The Sturm Center: Improving the Quality of Life and Behavioral Health of Veterans, Service members and their Families

Contributed by Scotty Hanley, M.A. & Dani Hamilton, M.A.

The Sturm Center, a University of Denver student-operated clinic for military members, Veterans, and their families, has been open for almost two years and is centrally located in Aurora, Colorado. The Sturm Center is a behavioral health clinic that offers a full range of behavioral health needs with a sole focus on the Military/Veteran population. The graduate students who conduct assessment and treatment of clients at The Sturm Center are doctoral-level students who are supervised by licensed Clinical Psychologists with extensive experience with this population.

Sturm Center 2.jpgNew visitors will notice the simple beauty and aesthetics of the clinical space. This includes individual therapy rooms, a designated children’s room, a waiting area, as well as a spacious group room that can comfortably accommodate team building, yoga classes, or family therapy. The space is neat, crisp, and decorated with military-related artwork. Natural light pours through the westward facing windows which showcase beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains. This clinic has been designed to create a space that allows for relaxation, recovery and a sense of community. The space is set up to accommodate the majority of behavioral health services required by our Servicemembers, Veterans, or their family members. Within the space, the clinic offers:

  • Psychological Assessment (for academic/employment accommodations, objective medical evidence for disability claims, diagnostic and/or treatment purposes)
  • Psychological Treatment (all ages, evidence-based, individual, family/couples & group)
  • Referral to Complementary Medicine resources (equine therapy, yoga, outdoor therapy)

A client’s ability to receive services does not hinge on discharge status, combat service, era of service or activation/drill status. Veterans are not required to provide their DD214, though a copy will be added to the client’s record if they have this readily accessible. Additionally, an individual’s income, diagnosis or identity will not influence the quality or quantity of services available to them.

Potential clients can easily seek services at the Sturm Center by calling in for an initial phone screen at (303)-871-7942.  If the client decides they want to proceed and the clinic seems to be appropriate for the client’s needs, the Veteran, Service member or family member completes several consultation sessions with their newly assigned provider.  After these consultation sessions, client(s) receive any relevant assessment and treatment; through a process designed with the specific individual client in mind, assessment and treatment options are discussed thoroughly and openly to allow for the most informed choice by the client.

Sturm CenterThe creation of The Sturm Center came after a generous gift by The Sturm Family Foundation in 2015 to the Graduate School of Professional Psychology. Because of this partnership, The University of Denver was able to expand its top-ranked clinical psychology training program and create a new learning opportunity for graduate students. Given the need for highly-trained, culturally and scientifically competent healthcare providers, The Sturm Center allows students to apply their classroom training to hands-on learning scenarios within this clinic while simultaneously delivering closely-monitored, confidential, high-quality, evidence-based services to Military/Veterans and their families. Some of the graduate students at The Sturm Center are Service members, family members, and/or Veterans of the U.S. and other nations’ militaries. The common thread amongst all students operating The Sturm Center is the dedication to contributing to the active duty, guard/reserve, veteran, and military family communities.

The Sturm Center would like to thank Veterans, Servicemembers, and their families for their dedication, heart, and commitment to our country. We would like to thank you for all that you have sacrificed; it does not go unnoticed. We are happy to give back to the military community with our sincerest respect and commitment. The Sturm Center and The Graduate School of Professional Psychology are proud to train future Clinical Psychologists to increase the quality of life and enhance the health of Military/Veteran communities.

The Sturm Center address is 10730 E. Bethany Drive, Ste. 395; Aurora, CO 80014. 

Please see our website at:

Feel free to contact us at (303)-871-7942 with any questions, concerns, referrals or requests for services.

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