PMCN Testimony- providing critical resources

Testimony by Bridgett, Spouse of a Reservist 

PMCN is an amazing organization and it has been extremely helpful in providing critical resources to soldiers in need. Going the extra mile does not even begin to encompass how devoted the folks at PMCN are to our military.

My experience with PMCN actually began with a simple interview request in my capacity as a reporter for a local newspaper. During the interview I mentioned that I wished other states had similar support networks, as my husband was a company commander of a reserve unit in Las Vegas and frequently struggled to find the right help for his soldiers.

Imagine my surprise when the PMCN President/CEO, Kate Hatten, emailed me personally not even 24 hours later with resources specific to Las Vegas for my husband! The list she provided was incredibly useful to my husband. He distributed it all the squad leaders in his company and to several soldiers personally. To date, that list has helped soldiers in Utah, Nevada and Arizona find critical resources to help them care for themselves, their families and their extended families. Mrs. Hatten has even emailed me months later with more leads, which is simply amazing and incredibly touching.

As a military wife, I absolutely recommend PMCN for all personnel, including those in leadership positions. It is, hands down, the hardest working, most dedicated organization committed to the support of service members past, present and future.

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